Christian Paranormal Network

Where Faith, Science and the Unexplained Intersect


We are currently getting ready for phase one of launch.  Phase 1 is creating a community of Faith Based Paranormal Research Organizations. 

Our Mission

The mission of the The Christian Paranormal Network is to:

  • Create a nationwide network of Christian paranormal research teams with the intent to:
    • Identify, document, and organizationally endorse evidence of paranormal activity
    • Provide professional peer  accountability
    • Establish a presence within the greater paranormal research community
    • Counteract negative stereotypes and develop a positive reputation through hard work and integrity
    • Promote the adoption of a code of conduct and a standards and best practices for organization members
  • Provide a safe-haven for people of faith to discuss paranormal subject matter without fear of persecution
  • Develop a statement of beliefs based on organizational consensus through open dialogue and study of the Scripture
  • To provide fellowship and friendship to those of like minds
  • Educate the Judeo-Christian community to the best of our abilities about all things paranormal
  • Above all- Provide help to those in need


What We Do

1.  We provide a safe haven where people of the Christian faith can discuss anything having to do with the paranormal or supernatural without fear of judgment. 

2. We try to help those who are experiencing paranormal activity through education, consultations, and (when needed) a comprehensive investigation done by Christian investigators.  If you would like help, please click on the "Report Activity" link at the top of this page. 

3. We provide a central network where faith based paranormal investigators can build important relationships with each other and thus creating a nationwide network of Christian investigators to help the community at large. 

4.  We seek to provide answers to tough questions regarding faith and paranormal research through study, experience and an exchange of ideas.