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Dayton Paranormal Investigators

We are a Christian couple who conduct paranormal research in Dayton Ohio and surrounding areas throughout the Miami Valley.  If you beleive you are experiencing paranormal activity and would like an investigation done by mature, professional, experienced investigators, please contact us via the contact form on this website. 

We are not evangelists.  We do not preach, judge or discriminate durring our investigations.  We are not a religious organization.  We are a scientific research organization that happens to be made up of people with a traditional Judeo-Christian back ground.  Our approach to investigation is to put the needs and safety of those seeking help above all else.  We do not use methods that would compromise those beliefs (i.e. ouija boards, incantations, chanting, seances, etc.)  We will however try to offer assistance to those of any belief. 

We are also looking for experienced investigators here in the Dayton area to assist in some investigations. 

If you are a Christian (practicing or not) and are interested in paranormal research here in the Dayton area, we are looking for new team members.